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Originally from Athens, GA, I attended Kenyon College where I was an English major and an NCAA Div. III Academic All-American swimmer. After college, I taught English as a Second Language in Cape Verde, West Africa, for the Peace Corps. I then went to graduate school to study sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There I worked at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) with Laura Dresser and Joel Rogers, and I studied under Erik Olin Wright and Jamie Peck. 


I came to UB Sociology in 2008. This department specializes in six broad areas of sociology:  family and the life course; health and illness; urban, community, and the environment; social inequalities; crime, law, and social policy; and work, labor, and political economy. My research spans the latter three through analysis of the relationship between work, social inequalities, law, and culture.



Erin Hatton

University at Buffalo

Department of Sociology

404 Park Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

(716) 645-8476



Photo by Douglas Levere



  • Work & Labor

  • Gender, Race, & Inequality

  • Law & Social Policy

  • Culture & Social Change

1992 - 1996

Kenyon College

B.A., Department of English Literature

1999 - 2003

University of Wisconson - Madison

M.S., Department of Sociology

2003 - 2007

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Ph.D., Department of Sociology

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